Anything that can give you a fever, in the right genetic and immune setting can give you PANDAS - Dr. Rosario Trifiletti


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The PANDAS puzzle: Can a common infection cause OCD in kids?

We are all familar with the manisfestations of strep including the ubiquitous strep throat and if untreated the threat of rheumatic fever. However, like everything else, strep also has its controversies including whether to treat every throat infection with antibiotics. But, have you ever heard of PANDAS? And we're not talking about the ones made in China.

ONE OF THE SCARIEST PARTS about PANDAS is also what makes the diagnosis so controversial. Its trigger is the common strep infection, which is as reliable a part of the grade school experience as recess.

Dr. Robert Fuhlbrigge, a pediatric rheumatologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and associate professor at Harvard Medical…

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