Pneumocystis Jiroveci

Thanks to antiretroviral medications this infection is now relatively uncommon. But it most certainly has not gone away - Joseph Sonnabend MD

Pneumocystis Jiroveci

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Pneumocystis Pneumonia: Infections Caused by Pneumocystis jiroveci

You might not believe me, but there is an excellent chance that you have already been infected by an organism that causes a potentially deadly form of pneumonia, a pneumonia so virulent that most people that develop symptoms die regardless of treatment. To make matters worse, you were probably infected before the age of four, before your immune system was even fully developed. Have your parents ever told you the story of your harrowing infant battle with pneumonia? No? Maybe it's because you caught it from them and they don't want you to guilt trip them.

In truth, unless you were born with limited immune function, you never got outwardly sick or showed any symptoms of pneumonia. But,…

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