Don’t have sex...You will get chlamydia. And die - Coach Carr, Mean Girls


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Column: I got chlamydia (but definitely didn’t die)

Amanda Bynes does a great shrill scream, and in the film “Easy A," you can see her at her shriek-iest best when her character discovers that her boyfriend has a sexually transmitted infection.

“Chlamydiaaaaa?!?!?” She bellows furiously about 58 minutes into the film, in a tone of terror that’s unable to accurately represent with mere question marks and exclamation marks (though maybe that screaming emoji could work).

It’s a great scene in a great movie, but I’d never given it much thought until one cold, rainy March morning when I was standing outside the Arts and Science building, a few days after I’d gone to the doctor for what I thought was a yeast infection.…

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