TB Screening

Neither IGRAs nor TST can distinguish active TB from LTBI - Gina Gualano

TB Screening

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Tuberculosis Screening

Two screening test options are available to determine if a person is infected with the TB bacteria: the tuberculin skin test (TST) and the TB blood test.

Development of the TST began with Clemens von Pirquet, an Austrian-born scientist and physician who began using a small amount of isolated TB bacteria and scratching it into the skin to observe for a reaction. Expanding on the work of von Pirquet, Charles Mantoux developed the TST, which has remained, the standardized screening test for TB since 1907. The TST has also been called the Pirquet skin test, the Mantoux skin test, and the tuberculin sensitivity test.

TST can be administered the same day as live virus vaccinations.…

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