Ludwig's Angina

Airway management is the main priority and biggest challenge in patients with Ludwig’s angina - Anand Swaminathan

Ludwig's Angina

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Ludwig’s Angina. St Emlyn’s

There’s two reasons why Ludwig’s angina sends a shiver down my spine but probably only one of them will apply to you.

Back in 2003 when I was a third year medical student my consultant was quizzing my fellow students and me on eponymous sydromes.

‘What are the signs and symptoms of Ludwig’s angina?’ he asked me.

After a long, painful, drawn out awkward silence, I blurted out in a hopeful voice,

‘Chest pain?’

He shook his head disappointedly and moved onto one of my brighter colleagues and I could hear the words of another famous doctor (Dr. Ross Geller in The One with Ross and Monica’s cousin) in my head,

‘Yeah you really shouldn’t have said…

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