Health Inequities & Covid-19

If history is a guide, infectious diseases exploit inequities not just within societies but between them - Kyle Harper

Health Inequities & Covid-19

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Not Everyone Can Afford to ‘Learn to Live With’ COVID-19

For most of human history, the majority of people died of infectious disease. Scourges like tuberculosis, typhoid, plague, smallpox, and (in some places) malaria carried most people to their graves, many as infants or children. As public health and biomedicine advanced, cancers and organ diseases replaced microbes as the main causes of mortality. The control of infectious disease, and consequent doubling of average life expectancy, helped to bring the modern world as we know it into being. But paradoxically, the control of infectious disease also helped to widen health inequities, both within and between societies.

COVID-19 now appears to be falling along these familiar lines. The…

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Last Updated : Thursday, January 19, 2023