Cytokine Storm

This syndrome occurs unfortunately every day in ICUs, both in pediatrics and adults across the planet, as a result of a whole variety of conditions that go under-diagnosed and therefore under-treated. However, COVID-19 is changing that - Dr. Randy Cron

Cytokine Storm

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What Is The Cytokine Storm And Why Is It So Deadly For Coronavirus Patients?

When we get sick we trust our immune system to protect us, but what happens when that system goes awry and ends up killing patients? COVID-19 is shedding new light on how viruses can kick some patient’s immune system into overdrive to deadly effect in what is known as a cytokine storm syndrome.

In short, our immune system by and large is incredibly effective at working around the clock to keep a myriad of infections and diseases at bay while simultaneously being able to identify between outside invaders and our own cells and effectively prioritise what to attack and what to protect. However, occasionally, either due to genetic factors or rampant viral infections like COVID-19, our…

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