Rural America & Covid-19

The goal should be to ensure that geography is not destiny, that well-being and equity are core concepts for all, wherever we may live - Brian Dabson

Rural America & Covid-19

image by: Greg Hughes Utah

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Rural America’s False Sense of Security

Drive any country road in Georgia during harvest season, and you’ll pass roadside stands emblazoned with the words that could well serve as rural America’s cultural anthem: “Home Grown.”

Whether it’s peaches or potatoes, a diner or a driving range, Americans on farms and ranches and in small towns often support themselves on what they create. They take pride in their ability to take care of themselves and take care of their own.

This trademark self-sufficiency, coupled with an anemic public health infrastructure and limited access to essentials like fresh food and medicine, pose unique threats to rural America as COVID-19 marches relentlessly across the U.S. Without novel…

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Last Updated : Wednesday, January 19, 2022