Oximeter Monitoring

The real role for these pulse oximeters is in identifying those subgroup of patients who unfortunately get the lower respiratory symptoms and develop this sort of second phase of illness - Dr. Alon Dagan

Oximeter Monitoring

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Do I Still Need a Pulse Oximeter?

When my daughter returned to school this fall, I sent a care package that was perfect for a college student living through a pandemic. It included cookies, a coffee mug — and a pulse oximeter. 

A pulse oximeter is a small device that clips on your finger and measures your blood oxygen levels. Even though my daughter and her friends are all vaccinated against Covid-19, I wanted her to have the device handy just in case she got a breakthrough infection. 

Many people first learned about a pulse oximeter in the early days of the pandemic, after doctors warned that some patients with Covid-19 develop a form of oxygen deprivation called “silent hypoxia,” which occurs when blood…

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