Tests aren’t perfect, of course, and can produce false negatives and positives. But they provide a critical window into the activity of a pathogen too small to see - Emily Anthes


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How Confident Can You Be in a Coronavirus Test?

In mid-November, David Piegaro tested positive for the coronavirus. His results came too late.

The night before, Mr. Piegaro, a member of the National Guard, drove to New Jersey to visit his family after receiving two negative rapid test results, two days in a row. By the next morning, he had left. But the single overnight stay was enough to spread the virus Mr. Piegaro was unknowingly carrying to multiple members of his family, including his grandfather, who ended up spending two weeks in the hospital.

“Those two negative results gave me more confidence than I should’ve had that I could see my grandfather,” Mr. Piegaro said.

Since the start of the pandemic, the…

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