This is probably only the second drug that has an impact on mortality after the steroid dexamethasone - Athimalaipet Ramanan


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Why the trial of Covid-19 drug tocilizumab is a model of good science

Pandemic science is a rollercoaster. Almost every week, there’s a new first-rate piece of research that helps make serious progress in the fight against Covid-19. At the same time, there are usually clear examples of how not to do science. Last week was no exception.

Our dose of good science came in the form of the immunosuppressive drug tocilizumab. The Prime Minister had some trouble pronouncing its name at a press conference, and I don’t blame him. But however you say it, Oxford’s Recovery trial has found it seems to work.

The new study hasn’t yet been peer-reviewed – it’s been posted online as a preprint, the preliminary kind of paper released for discussion prior to (or…

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Last Updated : Wednesday, September 1, 2021