Inhaled corticosteroids in virus pandemics: a treatment for COVID-19? - Dan V Nicolau & Mona Bafadhel


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Is a new steroid treatment a miracle solution for COVID-19—or is it snake oil?

Everything’s bigger in Texas, as those of us who grew up there like to say, and we’ve been known to enjoy telling the occasional tall tale. Is a recently discussed potential treatment for COVID-19 one of those, or is the fast-talking Texan behind the claim really onto something?

Richard Bartlett made waves in a July 2 interview that already has racked up 4.1 million views online. In the interview, Bartlett, who has practiced medicine for 28 years and was part of former Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s Health Disparities Task Force, boasted a 100% survival rate for his patients since March by using his treatment strategy, centered around an inhaled steroid called budesonide.

“We have…

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Last Updated : Monday, August 30, 2021