Vitamin D

We’re scientists – we believe in data. We feel that the data today suggests that vitamin D will not protect against Covid outcomes. We would be happy to entertain any data that suggests otherwise - Dr Brent Richards

Vitamin D

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Can Vitamin D Help With Covid-19 Coronavirus? Here Is The Science

There is a “D” in Covid-19. But can a lack of Vitamin D make you more susceptible to the Covid-19 coronavirus? Well, some studies have suggested this possibility. However, before you rush to the store and start hoarding Vitamin D supplements like they were toilet paper, let’s “D”-construct the currently available evidence.

If you think that Vitamin D only has to do with bone health, you may be wondering what it could possibly have to do with Covid-19. After all, you may have a bone to pick with the virus but its main effects don’t seem to be on your skeleton. Well, studies have shown that Vitamin D may affect different components of your immune system and its response to infection.…

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