Zinc & Covid-19

Zinc is no COVID-19 magic bullet, but it has shown to help with other coronaviruses - Todd Neff

Zinc & Covid-19

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More Studies Shed Light on the Value of Zinc in Covid-19

Zinc is the second most common trace mineral in our bodies and affects all organs and cells. It is a micronutrient needed for metabolism, our sense of taste and smell and especially key during times of rapid growth, such as pregnancy, infancy, childhood, and puberty. Zinc deficiency is associated with impaired growth, slower wound healing and increased susceptibility to infections like the common cold.

“It’s very clear: If you are zinc deficient, your immune system will not function as well,” said Dr. David Hafler, professor of neurology and immunobiology at Yale School of Medicine.

Zinc’s importance wasn’t always so clear. In the 1960s, a hematologist named Dr. Ananda S. Prasad…

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Last Updated : Sunday, October 3, 2021