Dengue Fever

There’s no risk of getting dengue from these lab-reared mosquitoes, but the bites itch just the same - Bill Gates

Dengue Fever

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My Battle With Dengue Fever In India

When I awoke, it hit me, and it hit me hard. I was feverish, dog tired, my entire body ached and I felt like hell. I could hardly move. I’m a big guy and to be honest nothing much ever really touches me, but this felled me like a tree. I fell back on the bed and stayed there for god knows how long.

My initial thought from these flu like symptoms was more than a little alarming. This was malaria. It had to be. I had passed through malarial areas on the way up to Delhi and then Agra. But how could I have Malaria? I hadn’t been in India that long! I was careful with my preventative measures, I was liberal with the DEET spray, I was even taking antimalarials damnit!

I remember…

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