The single biggest threat to man’s continued dominance on this planet is the virus - Joshua Lederberg, Nobel Prize-winning biologist


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The Hanta Virus

The Hanta Virus doesn't get a whole lot of respect these days as bioterror threats have attracted most people's attentions to the "designer diseases" such as Anthrax, Ebola and Smallpox...

The most diabolical thing about the Hanta Virus is that when you contract it at first it just feels like you have the flu, and then you feel better, then you die. You don't even see it coming. You're just going along, telling everyone you're going to pull through and then all of a sudden fluid seeps into your lungs and it's Respiratory Failure City. It's like the viral equivelant of being blindsided by a bus right after you've been released from the hospital.

Hanta Virus is transmitted through…

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