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Oh Fleas, Now There Is A Typhus Outbreak In Los Angeles

Fleas bite and aren't potty trained. That's why there's now an outbreak of typhus in downtown Los Angeles, as announced by the Los Angeles Department of Health.

Since July, there have been 9 reported cases of typhus in Los Angeles, specifically Pasadena, which qualifies as an outbreak. That brings the number of reported cases for 2018 to 20 for Pasadena and 12 for Long Beach, California, as Dennis Romero and Andrew Blankstein reported for NBC News. For both places, that's been over twice what would normally be expected. Yes, it's been literally a more poopy year in the Los Angeles area, and there is still 3 more months to go in this year. Poopy? How so? Read on.

Mind you,…

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Last Updated : Thursday, July 25, 2019