Cervical Cancer Screening

If you are in possession of a cervix, here's what you should do - Sara Chodosh

Cervical Cancer Screening

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Which Screening Prevents The Most Cervical Cancer? Go With Co-Testing

When it comes to screening for cervical cancer, American women can choose the Pap test or the human papillomavirus (HPV) test. The Pap has been the mainstay of screenings since Georgios Papanicolaou developed it in the late 1920s—still most successful cancer screening program in history. The HPV test looks for highest risk strains of the virus responsible for causing nearly all cervical cancer.

The debate over which of these is most effective and reliable at detecting and preventing cervical cancer has driven frequent, often confusing changes in cervical cancer screening guidelines from a multiple medical organizations over the past decade The most recent screening recommendations…

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