Aplastic Anemia

I always knew I was one in a million, but this finally confirmed it - Rikki

Aplastic Anemia

image by: The Aplastic Anaemia Trust

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Rikki: my rollercoaster experience of aplastic anaemia

Nothing can quite prepare you for the emotional and physical rollercoaster that is aplastic anaemia. There’s no best-selling book that you can purchase at Waterstones that can teach you how to deal with the turmoil of an illness that wasn’t there yesterday but is very much there today.

Aplastic anaemia raises its ugly head

2015, I was in my last year of university in Liverpool and spent much more time drinking and partying than studying. I believe this masked my judgement for my (now so apparent) symptoms of AA. I was bruising loads and felt incredibly fatigued, I blamed this on “drunken falls” and late nights in the library revising and writing essays. I turned…

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