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image by: Lung Cancer Research Foundation

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Lung Cancer Awareness Month: Let's Clear the Smoke

Every November as I stand alongside thousands of patients to observe Lung Cancer Awareness Month, it is tempting to dwell on the uphill battle facing our cancer community. The daunting hurdles include adequate public education of early screening, funding shortages, dedicated research, trials, and the ominous stigma that lung cancer is solely a smoker’s disease.

But focusing only on the challenges would be a huge disservice. The fact is, the war against lung cancer is lightyears ahead of what it was 13 years ago, when I received my own life-altering diagnosis.

We aggressively advocate for patients’ rights. We bang on the door of researchers to ensure patients…

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  Lung Cancer Awareness Month: Let's Clear the Smoke

Research over the last decade has catapulted us to within making lung cancer a manageable disease. That’s closer than ever. Most every doctor and researcher I speak with agrees, and they are starting to believe a cure may one day be possible.

Cancer Research UK

This section tells you about the different treatments available for cancer of the lung.

Lung Cancer Alliance

In this section, you can learn about the tests and procedures used to identify treatment options and investigate the possible treatment options by type of lung cancer. You might also be interested in exploring the sections on how age may be a factor in treatment recommendations and how cancer that has spread may be treated.


KEYTRUDA is not chemotherapy or radiation therapy—it is an immunotherapy and it works with your immune system to help fight cancer. KEYTRUDA can cause your immune system to attack normal organs and tissues in any area of your body and can affect the way they work.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering

Depending on the type and stage of the disease, lung cancer can be treated using surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or a combination of these treatments.


The NICE lung cancer clinical guideline covers the full range of care that should be available from the NHS to adults who have lung cancer, or whose doctors think they may have lung cancer. They include how the diagnosis should be made and the treatments that should be offered at different times.

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

Today, men and women facing lung cancer have more treatment options than they did even a few years ago. These new treatments have significantly increased survival rates for people with lung cancer.

Siteman Cancer Center

The lung cancer team at the Siteman Cancer Center provides nationally recognized expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of lung and other chest cancers.

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