Ozempic Face

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Ozempic Face
Ozempic Face

image by: Whitney Eskew

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What Is Ozempic Face? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

If you’re reading this and reeling at the vanity of humanity, you’re not the only one. From buccal fat removal—the latest “trend,” which sees fat surgically removed from the cheekbone area—to Ozempic face, which is treated by injecting volume back in using fillers (and so on), sometimes it can feel like the global obsession with skin treatments has gone too far. All we can say is prevention is better than cure—and why suffer Ozempic face if you don’t have to?

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 What Is Ozempic Face? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

“Ozempic face” is the new skin concern on the block, as dermatologists and aesthetic doctors globally begin to see the effects that losing a lot of weight can have on your face—and quickly at that. One user told The New York Times that her “body looked great, but my face looked exhausted and old” after using the drug.

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