We must come to appreciate that accessible tourism does not only benefit persons with disabilities or special needs, it benefits us all - Taleb Rifai


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People With Disabilities Want To Help Make Over The Travel Industry

Gone on a trip lately? I did—last week. That’s when I realized that the travel industry is in what you might call the mullet stage of their accessibility makeover. That’s right—stuck in the 80s. Transportation in general—airlines, buses, subway systems, ride shares and railways—seem to need the most work. On the positive side, large attractions and destinations that serve families, as well as hotels that cater to big businesses, seem to be the pacesetters. How have they gotten ahead while other venues lag so far behind? Mostly by making simple changes.

Equipping staff with a new set of skills, for example, autism training, is playing a big role.…

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Last Updated : Sunday, July 18, 2021