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We need new antimicrobials to prevent the next infectious disease crisis

Imagine if scientists had seen Covid-19 coming years in advance yet did little to prepare. Unthinkable, right?

Yet that’s exactly what’s happening with another infectious disease crisis — the one caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria and fungi. So-called superbugs already kill more than 700,000 people each year. And the World Health Organization warns that by 2050 the annual death toll could reach 10 million if we don’t use the time to get prepared.

The antibiotics and other antimicrobial drugs needed to prevent such a calamity don’t yet exist — and they’re years away from patients. The problem isn’t a lack of willing scientists, but rather a broken marketplace that has…

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 We need new antimicrobials to prevent the next infectious disease crisis

Unless lawmakers take steps to jump-start antimicrobial innovation, the world will soon find itself unprepared for a global health emergency as deadly as Covid-19.

Antimicrobials in Society (AMIS)

We aim to demonstrate the rich social-material worlds that antimicrobials inhabit and travel within, and in doing so offer policy-makers, scientists, and funders new ways to conceptualise and act upon AMR.

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