Cocaine is God's way of saying you're making too much money - Robin Williams


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What Happened To The Cocaine In Coca-Cola?

Cocaine is generally sold on the street as a fine, white, crystalline powder, known as “coke,” “C,“ “snow,” “flake,“ “blow,” “bump,“ “candy,“ “Charlie,” “rock,” and “toot.” “Crack,” the street name for the smokeable form of cocaine, got its name from the crackling sound made when it’s smoked. A “speedball” is cocaine or crack combined with heroin, or crack and heroin smoked together.

Cocaine has been part of society for centuries. Did you know that that the original Coke formula invented in 1886 had a significant amount of cocaine in it which was inspired by a tonic wine called Vin Mariani concocted from coca leaves and Bordeaux.

The concoction contained 11 percent…

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 What Happened To The Cocaine In Coca-Cola?

In fact, the United States (and most other nations) expressly prohibits the sale and trade of coca leaves. In order for Coca-Cola to continue to exist in its current form, the company has a special arrangement with the Drug Enforcement Administration, allowing it to import dried coca leaves from Peru (and to a lesser degree, from Bolivia) in huge quantities.

Crack-cocaine delivers an intensity of pleasure completely outside the normal range of human experience. It offers the most wonderful state of consciousness, and the most intense sense of being alive, the user will ever enjoy.


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Cocaine is a powerfully addictive drug. Once having tried cocaine, an individual may have difficulty predicting or controlling the extent to which he or she will continue to use the drug.

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Cocaine can cause large increases in blood pressure that may result in bleeding within the brain. Constriction of brain blood vessels can also cause a stroke. An overdose of cocaine can cause breathing and heart problems that could result in death.

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Cocaine is a common stimulant derived from the Erythroxylum coca plant. It is best known for its massive popularity in powdered and freebase (crack) forms.


Cocaine is a substance that is routinely screened for in drug tests, especially employment related drug testing. It will show up in the user's urine for around 72 hours after use, for occasional users. For more frequent users, the drug stays in the body longer.

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