Marijuana (THC)

Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction - Bob Marley

Marijuana (THC)

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The benefits and harms of marijuana, explained by the most thorough research review yet

Marijuana has been with humans in some way or another for thousands of years. But after all this time, there is still a lot of public debate about what, exactly, pot’s risks and benefits are.

A recent review of the research from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine attempts to fill the gap in our knowledge. By combing through more than 10,000 studies published since 1999, the review, conducted by more than a dozen experts, provides the clearest look at the scientific evidence on marijuana yet.

The research finds both some strong benefits and major downsides to cannabis. It seems to be promising for chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, and cancer patients.…

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 The benefits and harms of marijuana, explained by the most thorough research review yet

A new report looks at more than 10,000 studies on marijuana. It has good and bad news for pot users.

High Times

HIGH TIMES is the world's No. 1 resource for cannabis information and culture.


The world's largest cannabis strain resource. Discover over 1,000 strains, their effects, flavor profiles, and where to find them!

Marijuana Legalization

All sides re one of the most controversial issues of the century.

Marijuana Policy Project

MPP and MPP Foundation envision a country with public policies that (1) allow for the responsible medical and non-medical use of marijuana, and (2) minimize the harms associated with marijuana consumption and the laws that manage its use. is the leading cannabis-related message forum and news site for in-depth, comprehensive cannabis strain and product education, marijuana media, growshop information and pricing. has been in operation since 1995 and is owned and operated by, the most widely used medical and recreational marijuana dispensary locator in the industry.


Connect with the cannabis community.

The Cannabist

The Cannabist is The Denver Post's home for ideas, people, art, food and news, centered around the culture of cannabis.


We're a community where medical marijuana patients find and connect with dispensaries.

Cannabis Consumers Campaign

The goal of the Cannabis Consumers Campaign is to create public policy changes by: 1) dispelling the myths and negative stereotypes that perpetuate marijuana prohibition and all its harsh consequences and 2) providing a more positive and accurate image of adults who consume cannabis.

Cannabis News

Informing the public about cannabis.

Although the cannabis plant is now ubiquitous, unlike other wide-spread types of hallucinogen (such as Psilocybe 'magic mushrooms' or 'Datura'), it is not native to more than one continent. Cannabis is a plant native to Central Asia that has spread all over the world and is probably the most widely used recreational and usually illegal drug in the world, being smoked from the inner cities of America and Europe to the outlying atolls of Micronesia.

Essential information for an informed debate about cannabis policy.

Green Aid

Founded on an activist impulse, GREEN AID seeks to be bold and daring in its efforts "to legislate on behalf of the will of the people." With its focus on the legal and judicial realm, Green Aid will serve as an important vehicle for new points of public dialogue regarding marijuana, not to mention new platforms forms of civic engagement.

Know Cannabis

This website can help you assess your cannabis use, its impact on your life and how to make changes if you want to.

Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse

MAMA's goals are to provide current, scientific drug education to all ages, to offer social and recreational alternatives to drug use, to promote better communication between policy makers, educators, law enforcement, service providers, seniors, parents and youth and to question techniques of advertising all drugs and advertising's effects on the entire population.

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

NORML's mission is to move public opinion sufficiently to achieve the repeal of marijuana prohibition so that the responsible use of cannabis by adults is no longer subject to penalty.

NDA for Teens

Recognizing that teens want to be treated as equals, NIDA scientists were careful not to preach about the dangers of drug use. Rather, the site delivers science-based facts about how drugs affect the brain and body so that kids will be armed with better information to make healthy decisions.

Schaffer Library of Drug Policy

Materials related to hemp (marijuana), cannabis sativa.

UK Cannabis Internet Activist

UKCIA is a pragmatic cannabis law reform campaign for a drugs policy based on proper control and regulation of the commercial supply, coupled with effective harm reduction measures.


Cannabis is by far the most widely cultivated, trafficked and abused illicit drug. Half of all drug seizures worldwide are cannabis seizures.

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