Schizophrenia & Cannabis

If you were to take away cannabis from the face of the globe, it might be that five percent of the population that do develop schizophrenia won't anymore - David Castle

Schizophrenia & Cannabis
Schizophrenia & Cannabis

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I Smoked a Joint and It Sent Me to the Psych Ward

The relationship between weed and psychosis is well-documented in medical literature, with consistent findings that the ingestion of weed is strongly correlated with the onset of psychotic symptoms. Professor David Castle, Chair of Psychiatry at the University of Melbourne and a prominent researcher in cannabis, says there is "no doubt" that cannabis can cause psychosis. But he is also quick to assert that any healthy individual can develop what we recognize as psychotic symptoms (hallucinations or delusions), given the right amount of a stimulus.

"Cannabis, dopamine, amphetamines or sensory deprivation can cause anybody to hallucinate or get paranoid ideation," Castle says, although…

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 I Smoked a Joint and It Sent Me to the Psych Ward

What I did not know at this point (and what I perhaps should have been made aware of earlier) was the existence of a deep-seated genetic predisposition for schizophrenia that had run through mother's side of the family for many years.

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