People usually associate terpenes only with the fragrance and flavor of a marijuana strain in question, but the reality is quite far from it - Mike Adams


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The tasty chemicals flavoring the edible cannabis boom

Terpenes—affectionately known as “terps”— are rising stars in the land of grass. While once upon a time the highest compliment for a pot brownie might have been that it barely tasted like weed, today’s cannabis cultivators, chefs, and connoisseurs are instead embracing the plant’s natural essences to tantalize our noses, tongues, and brains—and make cannabis a multisensory delicacy.

The notion that seemingly minor molecular differences might dramatically impact your weed isn’t new. A plant’s many chemical components can work together to affect the resulting high—a phenomenon known in the weed world as the “entourage effect.” Though mostly discussed in the context of cannabinoids...

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 The tasty chemicals flavoring the edible cannabis boom

The weed world is starting to crack the “terps” that makes each bud—and edible—unique.

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