If only one could tell true love from false love as one can tell mushrooms from toadstools - Katherine Mansfield


image by: The Society for Psychedelic Outreach, Reform, and Education

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Psilocybin: A Journey Beyond the Fear of Death?

In one of the largest and most rigorous clinical investigations of psychedelic drugs to date, researchers at Johns Hopkins University and New York University have found that a single dose of psilocybin—the psychoactive compound in “magic” mushrooms—substantially diminished depression and anxiety in patients with advanced cancer.

Psychedelics were the subject of a flurry of serious medical research in the 1960s, when many scientists believed some of the mind-bending compounds held tremendous therapeutic promise for treating a number of conditions including severe mental health problems and alcohol addiction. But flamboyant Harvard psychology professor Timothy Leary—one of the top…

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 Can Magic Mushrooms Cure Addiction?

Kathleen Conneally successfully quit smoking, after a decades-long habit, with the help of psilocybin. Conneally was a participant in a study at Johns Hopkins University looking at whether nicotine addiction could be treated by psilocybin, the active compound in magic mushrooms.

 Psilocybin: A Journey Beyond the Fear of Death?

Johns Hopkins clinical pharmacologist Roland Griffiths talks about a major new study hinting at psychedelic drugs as therapeutic powerhouses.

4 reasons you should eat more mushrooms

Even setting aside magic mushrooms, our favorite fungal fruiting bodies supposedly have some spectacular healing properties. Search for the health benefits of mushrooms and you’ll turn up pages of info about how they can treat or prevent everything from cancer to heart disease.

Compass Pathways

Our collective understanding of mental health is increasing all the time, with advances in neuroscience, psychotherapy, psychopharmacology and digital platforms.


We help spread accurate information about magic mushrooms so people can make informed decisions about what they put in their bodies.


We are a group of seven health professionals who seek to make psilocybin, a psychedelic medicine, legally available to Canadians in need of compassionate treatment for severe psychological distress.


We invite you to join us on this journey of discovery and pledge to do your best to move the community forward in a positive direction. To be contributors to our legacy. To promote knowledge and compassion to all.


After years of prescription medications failed her, a woman turns to the underground to try and overcome her depression, anxiety, and opioid addiction with illegal psychedelic medicine, like magic mushrooms and iboga.


Laurie, a loving mother of four, is granted the right to legally use magic mushrooms to treat her end of life anxiety. She then embarks on a remarkable journey of personal transformation and healing while exploring lesser known possible cures for cancer, like cannabis oil.

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