Test for Fentanyl

If you have a drug that wasn’t legitimately prescribed and supplied to you by medical professionals, use a test strip prior to ingestion to check whether it contains fentanyl - Karen Garcia

Test For Fentanyl

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With overdose deaths rising, here’s how to test drugs for fentanyl

Ed Ternan, co-founder of Song For Charlie, said counterfeit pills are a huge problem that most people don’t know exists.

“These fake pills are everywhere, to the point that if you get a pill online or anywhere that didn’t come directly from your doctor, you pretty much can assume that it’s counterfeit. And if it’s counterfeit, it’s made with fentanyl,” Ternan said.

According to TACO, different types of drugs require different preparations for better test accuracy: Powders: Shake and thoroughly mix in the bag that the drug came in. Any chunks need to be broken up. Crystals: Crush into a fine powder and mix thoroughly. Pills: Crush into fine powder and mix thoroughly. Then,…

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Last Updated : Tuesday, April 11, 2023