While you probably won’t find nitrite “poppers” on a Papa John’s menu, they can be quite “pop”-ular for recreational use at bars, nightclubs, and sex parties - Bruce Y. Lee


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Are Poppers Cooking Your Brain?

Poppers, amyl, leather polish, anal relaxant, jungle juice—whatever you want to call the stuff—smells like paint thinner and feels like a kick to the head. But for a while there in my early 20s I couldn’t get enough and now every time my synapses misfire or my short-term memory pulls a blank, I wonder: how much long-term damage did I do? And what was that stuff?

Poppers are small bottles of amyl nitrite, which belongs to a class of chemicals known as alkyl nitrites. It was first synthesised in 1844 by a French chemist named Antoine Balard, who observed that the chemical relaxed smooth muscles and dilated arteries, which briefly led to its use as a remedy for angina—a cardiac condition…

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