Harm Reduction

The goal of harm reduction is to meet drug users where they are, so they can live long enough to start to imagine a different reality - Shayna Gaffen

Harm Reduction

image by: Harm Reduction Coalition Of San Diego County

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Dan Bigg Is a Harm-Reduction Pioneer and His Overdose Doesn’t Change That

Study after study of harm-reduction techniques show that they are more effective than the “just say no” approach: needle exchange programs, for example, have been shown around the world to reduce HIV infection rates while not increasing teen drug use. Contrary to fears about prolonging or encouraging addiction, syringe exchanges actually make it more likely for people to seek help and recover from addiction.

Similar findings are seen with safe-injection facilities: although millions of injections by thousands of people in countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands have taken place in these medically-supervised rooms, no overdose deaths have been reported in them.…

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