Safe Injection Sites

My takeaway is the fact that we’re in the midst of an overdose crisis and studies suggest positive impact is sufficient justification to move this intervention forward - Alene Kennedy-Hendricks

Safe Injection Sites

image by: Global Platform for Drug Consumption Rooms - Plateforme Mondiale SCMR

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Safe Injection Sites Are Coming to America

The Downtown Eastside neighborhood in Vancouver, British Columbia, looks a little worse for wear. On Hastings Street, the decrepit buildings are a mix of boarded-up windows, cheap bodegas and fast food joints. The sidewalk is littered with trash, and a line of homeless people, along with their belongings, tents and other makeshift shelters, winds down the block. On a recent Wednesday morning, the crowd was surprisingly lively. It was 9 a.m., but it looked like no one had yet been to sleep from the night before.

One storefront on Hastings houses a small facility that at first glance seems like any traditional community health clinic. Inside the door is a reception area with mismatched…

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