The signature benefit of meperidine usage over other opioids was that it was purported to not cause spasms in the Sphincter of Oddi. Once this was disproven, the adverse effects of increased seizure risks and serotonin syndrome greatly outweighed any benefits of use for this weak opioid - Lavinia R. Harrison


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Is Meperidine the Drug That Just Won't Die?

Meperidine, the first synthetic opioid, was developed by German chemists as an antispasmodic; its analgesic properties were not identified until several years later in 1939.1 Its rapid onset, short duration of action, and potential antispasmodic benefit in patients with pancreatitis or cholecystitis have long been cited as reasons for its use, but there is now substantial evidence that meperidine provides no greater analgesia or antispasmodic effect than other opioids. Over the past quarter century, a growing number of case reports and clinical studies describing meperidine's adverse effects have changed opinion on the role of this drug in clinical practice.

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