Naloxone (Narcan)

It’s really quite miraculous. Anyone who’s ever reversed an overdose will never forget it. People wake up - Dr. Mary Bassett, New York City health commissioner

Naloxone (Narcan)

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Narcan: Life saving or enabling tool

The epidemic of heroin use has spun so rapidly out of control that many areas of the country are training everyday citizens to administer the drug that is an opioid antagonist. Narcan is the trade name for naloxone hydrochloride. Essentially Narcan blocks or reverses the effects of opioids including heroin. It competes for the same receptor sites in the body, and either blocks the body's ability to receive the heroin molecule or can drive the heroin from the site. It should be noted however, it is still not completely understood.

The Harrison Drug Act of 1914 placed drugs in a respective schedule based on whether they have currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United…

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