OD Opioids

The synthetic opioids (eg, fentanyl, carfentanil) require increased amounts of naloxone for opioid reversal, and their prevalence is increasing. During periods of known fentanyl outbreaks, dosing as high as 12 mg of naloxone has been reported - Kai Li MD

OD Opioids

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Narcan or Nar-can’t: Tips and Tricks to Safely Reversing Opioid Toxicity

The typical ED starting dose seems to be 0.4 mg administered intravenously. Use of this dose, like all things in medicine, is well supported by multiple, large, randomized trials. Just kidding! It comes from the 1960s anesthesia literature as the dose needed to reverse excessive postoperative sedation in opioid-naive patients. Decades later, changes in our patient population and the opioids they use have complicated naloxone dosing.

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