Opioid Overdose Prevention

The primary problem with the opioid epidemic is simple: It is much easier to get high than it is to get help - German Lopez

Opioid Overdose Prevention
Opioid Overdose Prevention

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New strategy urgently needed to tackle devastating opioids crisis, US told

The commission concludes that it is “impossible” to combat the flow of synthetics and reduce fatal overdoses by focusing efforts only on supply, thus challenging the mainstay principle of America’s ill-fated 50-year “war on drugs”.

In order to save American lives, the report says, the government must increase public awareness of the dangers and pervasiveness of synthetic opioids and improve and expand access to treatment options including outpatient care, harm reduction interventions and rehab.

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 New strategy urgently needed to tackle devastating opioids crisis, US told

Bipartisan commission makes 76 recommendations to confront crisis that has caused 1m overdose deaths since 1999

Public Health Institute

Drug overdose is the leading cause of unintentional death in the US, and opioid addiction is driving this epidemic. The Public Health Institute believes that all of us—doctors, pharmacists, parents, teachers, advocates, mental health providers, law enforcement, and others—have a role to play in combating this crisis.

Search and Rescue

Brought to you by Partnership to End Addiction, Search and Rescue is a prescriber education campaign, operating on a grant from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA),* with the sole purpose of providing healthcare professionals with the tools and resources they need to help patients avoid prescription drug misuse, abuse, and addiction.

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