Medication Assisted Treatment

Narcan brings people back from the brink of death, but what is there to help them get their life back on track - Connor Narciso

Medication Assisted Treatment

image by: Igotsober Alcohol & Opioid Recovery Center

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Naloxone, Yes, But 3 Other Drugs Are Essential to Fight the Opioid Epidemic

Up until a few years ago, only medical professionals were familiar with naloxone, a medication used to revive opioid overdose victims. Now librarians, school nurses, baristas, parents - anyone who might need to save a life – can carry naloxone and administer it in emergencies as a nasal spray sold as Narcan.

Now comes a provocative new study by economists Jennifer Doleac of the University of Virginia and Anita Mukherjee of the University of Wisconsin. Their paper, The Moral Hazard of Lifesaving Innovations: Naloxone Access, Opioid Abuse, and Crime, concludes that naloxone, which works by dislodging opioid molecules from the brain to jump-start breathing, may not increase the number…

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Last Updated : Sunday, December 4, 2022