Heroin addicts who have experienced Methadone have strong opinions. Some call it Goverment Wine, others compare it to Orange Government Handcuffs, or some even call it Tang. Methadone is so addictive, that many addicts are never capable of leaving that few block radius from the Methadone Clinic, out of fear of running out. The best tool for an addict to get clean is another clean addict - Unknown


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Is methadone an effective treatment for heroin addiction? YES!

The scientific evidence supporting the usage of methadone is indisputable and has been for years. So why is it not being used more often when there are millions of opioid addicts that need treatment? This problem can be summed up in a single word: STIGMA.

Methadone clinics have been associated in the mind of the public with criminal activity and other deviant behavior. This is because addicts themselves have been viewed as suffering from a “moral failing” and they view the clinic as just another way for these moral deviants to get their “fix”.

This view is, of course, grossly incorrect. Methadone is a treatment and for a chronic medical condition. Addicts attending a methadone…

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