Cough Syrup

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Cough Syrup

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I Was a Cough Syrup Junkie

My friends in recovery and I can laugh over our similar past adventures and mishaps with weed and booze. Pissing the bed? Waking up next to strangers? We’ve all been there. But who chugs a bottle of Vicks Non-Drowsy cough syrup to get high minutes before ballet class?

I did.

I’m an alcoholic and an addict and I worshipped booze, weed and any painkillers or mushrooms I could get my hands on. But I loved cough syrup most of all.

I grew up in suburban Michigan in a traditional “all-American” nuclear family. My childhood was pretty privileged. We had a yard, a dog, a nice house. My parents applauded my earning almost all As and nabbing lead roles in community…

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