Weight Loss Meds

With obesity being viewed as more of a “disease” than as the result of how we treat our bodies, it’s tempting to reach for a pill to cure the problem...For lasting weight loss, taking a holistic approach and sticking with it is best - Marcelle Pick NP

Weight Loss Meds

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An Endless Quest for Weight-Loss Pills

Right after residency, I took a summer job in a family practice in a beach town on Long Island, covering Fridays and weekends for the regular doctors. The setting was quite different from my training in an urban hospital. It was a bit of a culture shock to go from a world of critically ill hospitalized patients to an outpatient suburban setting where most weekend appointments were for sore throats, rashes and sprained ankles. But I quickly became a pro at Lyme disease identification.

One day, a woman in her early 40s came for an appointment. She asked me to prescribe fen-phen, a weight-loss pill that combined the drugs fenfluramine and phentermine and was being heavily marketed at…

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