The ear is like the volume knob and the brain is the antenna - Dr. Christopher Chang


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Noise-Related Hearing Loss Is Both Permanent and Avoidable

Granted, a lot of national or international days-with-a-capital-W commemorate the frivolous. We all gotta eat, but can't we do without National Pancake Day, National Corndog Day, National Fried Chicken Day, and World Nutella Day? I like games, but do we need Foursquare Day? Affection is great, but do we need National Hugging Day and International Free Hugs Day? What the point of two International Friendship Days? Is it worth figuring out exactly what International Public Domain Day refers to?

But many bring attention to important issues, such as World Hearing Day, which took place on March 3. Originally designated as International Ear Care Day at the First International Conference…

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