Nasal Irrigation

Take it from me — a reluctant convert — and from an actual real-life doctor: Do not wait until you're full of mucus and begging for the sweet release of death to buy a neti pot - Rachel Wilkerson Miller

Nasal Irrigation

image by: Swami Bodhichitananda Saraswati

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Neti Pots Are Low-Key Awful, But Honestly, You Should Get One

The first time I watched a YouTube video of someone using a neti pot, I — to use the technical term — freaked... I was in my mid-twenties and experiencing my first-ever allergies; several people recommended I try a neti pot to relieve the pain, pressure, and itchiness that was happening inside my face.

The video started off fine; the woman demonstrating how the neti pot worked put the little teapot up to her nose and tipped her head to the side. She stared blankly, in a zombie-like state, tipped her head to the side a little further, and then appeared to DROOL from her opposite nostril. The thin stream of nose-drool coupled with the blank stare was too much for me, and the screams…

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