Probability of spontaneous self-descent in scrotum is low if the testicles do not descend within the first six months after birth - Ferhat Ateş et al


image by: The Urology Hospital, Pretoria

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Undescended Testicles Cryptorchidism

As an adult man, you may or may not be aware of having an “empty scrotum” when you were born. Either way, it may be affecting your fertility now. Cryptorchidism, especially if not treated properly, frequently results in impaired germ cell maturation, which results in infertility as an adult. If you are having difficulty conceiving, it might be worth an awkward conversation with your mom to find out if you were one of the male babies born before his testicle descended.

Also, men born with an undescended testicle have an increased risk of testicular cancer later in life, in both testicles, but even more so if the undescended testicle never descended, in part because it’s harder to examine…

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