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Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses

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The Great Contact Lens Solution Epiphany About Consciousness

Two weeks ago, I forgot to bring my contact lens case to the eye doctor. So they gave me one of theirs to store my contacts in during the exam. It was much smaller than my normal case, which was the kind you get for free with the solution. But it worked fine. When I got home I stuck the case, with my lens in it, on the counter and promptly forgot about it.

I don't wear contacts everyday, just when I go into the real world to meet with clients. So I didn't look for the case until a week later, when I was packing for a trip. I opened it and was about to transfer the lens into my normal case, when it struck me, one case was much deeper than the other. The free case from the solution company…

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 The Great Contact Lens Solution Epiphany About Consciousness

I'm a sales person at heart. I love the idea that someone said, "Hey, if we make the cases a little deeper, we'll sell more solution." But my contact solution epiphany does give me pause. It makes me wonder, in how many other areas of my life am I just going through the motions? How much of our lives are being lived unconsciously, using up stuff, spending time and going along with what we assume we're supposed to do?

All About Vision

This comprehensive series of informative articles is written by experts in the field of contact lenses. Here you'll find everything you need to know about contact lenses — including types of contacts, how to read your prescription and where to buy contact lenses.

Founded in 1996, we have grown from operating out of one small room to becoming one of the Internet’s most influential contact lens retailers. With an average 5-star rating on Trustpilot and over 4 million successful deliveries, it’s safe to say we have built a loyal following in the UK contact lens community.

Discount Contact Lenses was established in 1996 and has been selling contacts online for over 10 years. We are an authorized contact lens retailer with all of the major contact lens manufacturers and you can be sure that the lenses that we stock in our custom-built warehouse are the same ones prescribed to you by your doctor.

GP ContactLenses

GPs are a high-tech, growing alternative to soft contact lenses. This website is presented for public education by the GP Lens Institute (GPLI), the educational arm of the Contact Lens Manufacturers Association (CLMA). No information in this website should be construed as medical advice and the educational information herein should be used to supplement, not replace, the advice of a qualified eye care practitioner.

Our mission and passion, since 1995, is to provide you with the best way to buy contact lenses - better than your eye doctor, better than big box, better than other websites. We think you're looking for the best prices on brand name contact lenses supported by hassle-free business practices. provides high quality, brand name contact lenses at discount prices. We carry the same lenses as you would get from your local eyewear provider but with instant discounts and savings.


We help you find the best and cheapest contact lenses available on the internet. Here, you can find information on security, delivery times and anything else you would need to consider when purchasing on the internet. You can sort the results by price in descending order by clicking on the category headlines. Here you will find daily lenses, 1-2 week lenses, monthly lenses, disposable contacts etc.

As the world's largest contact lens store, 1-800 CONTACTS is dedicated to providing you with a simple,hassle-free way to replace your contact lenses. At 1-800 CONTACTS, you will receive the exact same contact lenses your doctor prescribed, delivered to your door, at a great price. And with an inventory of more than 15 million contacts, we are more likely to have your prescription in stock than anyone else, which means you'll receive your contacts fast.


Ever since ACUVUE® Brand transformed vision correction in 1988 with the world’s first soft disposable contact lenses, we’ve passionately pursued new technologies and the highest quality standards. And we’re proud that ACUVUE® lenses are worn by more people than any other brand.

Air Optix

The AIR OPTIX® family of contact lenses provides clear and consistently comfortable vision. Our science makes the difference.

Coastal is the largest online contact lenses and prescription glasses retailer. We've worked hard to create the most convenient and unique solution to purchasing designer glasses and brand name contact lenses. Our "customers first" doctrine has allowed us to become the most popular online retailer of vision correction products.


Not following proper contact lens care instructions has been linked to outbreaks of serious eye infections.

Not following proper contact lens care instructions has been linked to outbreaks of serious eye infections

If you've worn contact lenses, you know how easy it can be to let things slip a little. Maybe you don't wash and dry the case every day. Or you wear lenses in the shower. Or you try to eke a bit more wear out of a pair.

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