Uveitis can be a difficult diagnosis to understand at first given the multitude of different etiologies which can cause it - Erik Massenzio BA David Xu MD


image by: Ocular Immunology and Uveitis Foundation

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My Experience with Idiopathic Uveitis: A Personal Account

... I covered my face to avoid the headlights of oncoming cars as we drove to the hospital. My eye ached in an unfamiliar way. Despite how much trouble I was having, it never once occurred to me to seek emergency treatment. Who ever heard of going to an emergency room for “pink eye!”

But, there I was, in the busy registration area waiting for my turn to be examined. I thought to myself . . . “I have never been in a room with such terrible lighting” . . . white florescent lights, GLARING, in the small waiting room. Have I explained that light hurts your eyes when you have iritis? If you have had iritis, you already know what I mean. If you have not had iritis, the best I can do to…

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 My Experience with Idiopathic Uveitis: A Personal Account

Uvea-WHAT? . . . “Uveitis” . . . I have what? “U’VE-I-TIS. It is an inflammation of your UVEAL tract” . . . What? . . . “UVEA. The middle layer of your eye” Dr. Foster explained patiently. “The middle layer of the eye, between the sclera and retina, is called the uvea. When the uvea becomes inflamed, the condition is called uveitis.” He changed my medications around.

Uveitis Awareness

Interested in Uveitis Research Studies?

Olivia's Vision

Dedicated to helping Uveitis sufferers.

The Ocular Immunology and Uveitis Foundation

Our mission is to find cures for ocular inflammatory diseases, to erase the worldwide deficit of properly trained ocular immunologists, and to provide education and emotional support for those patients afflicted with ocular inflammatory diseases.

American Uveitis Society

Uveitis refers to a group of inflammatory diseases of the eye, responsible for up to 20% of all blindness. The mission of the American Uveitis Society is to increase, promote, and disseminate knowledge regarding uveitis and to develop and promote research and investigation in the field.

National Eye Institute

Uveitis is a general term describing a group of inflammatory diseases that produces swelling and destroys eye tissues. These diseases can slightly reduce vision or lead to severe vision loss. The term “uveitis” is used because the diseases often affect a part of the eye called the uvea. Nevertheless, uveitis is not limited to the uvea. These diseases also affect the lens, retina, optic nerve, and vitreous, producing reduced vision or blindness.

Bausch & Lomb

Uveitis is an inflammation of the uvea (or uveal layer) – the middle layer of three that make up the eye. It may be infectious or noninfectious. It is a treatable condition; however, without proper treatment, it can lead to other complications including glaucoma, cataracts, optic nerve damage, retinal detachment and severe vision loss.

Harvard Health

Various terms are used for the condition, depending on the part of the uvea affected...

New observations and emerging ideas in diagnosis and management of non-infectious uveitis: A review

Non-infectious uveitis (NIU) is an immune-mediated disease with clinical symptoms such as eye pain, redness, floaters, and light sensitivity. NIU is one of the leading causes of preventable blindness.

Science Direct

Uveitis is defined as inflammation of the uveal tract, which is classically composed of the iris, ciliary body, and choroid, and is an important cause of blindness of young and middle-aged individuals in the world.


Uveitis is most often idiopathic but has been associated with traumatic, inflammatory, and infectious processes. Patients may present with concurrent systemic symptoms or infectious diseases to suggest an etiology affecting more than just the eye.

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