UV Keratitis

Stay away from topical anesthetics, no they cannot take home that bottle of tetracaine you used to numb their eye for the fluorescein exam => Risk of neurotrophic ulceration due to lack of protective reflexes (tearing and blinking) - Jonathan Lin

UV Keratitis

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UV keratitis

When you see someone chilling on a stretcher with sunglasses on in the middle of south this holiday weekend, they might not just be trying to sleep off the two dozen margaritas they just had.

What is UV keratitis? It’s bilateral eye pain usually 30 min to 12 hours after UV exposure, think of it as a “sunburn” of the eyes. Your patient was lounging on the beach all day Saturday and used a pair of knock-off sunglasses or those free ones they hand out at career fairs. This can also happen in the winter for skiers on a bright sunny day and all that sunlight reflecting off the snow into their eyes. Other sources: tanning beds, arc welding, laboratory UV lights

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