O the tragic fall of the gall bladder! Only a few centuries ago, responsible for pumping one of the four essential humours around the body. Now whipped out in a short session of keyhole surgery - Mark Ravenhill


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Rocks in a Bag: what I know about gallbladders

Finally I'm getting around to writing about the gallbladder. Don't know what took me so long, seeing as how, next to hernias it's the thing upon which I operated most (if you don't count breast biopsies). And I liked it. When a person came to see me with a clear-cut gallbladder problem -- which was the case at least 90% of the time -- I could be quite confident that I was going to make him or her happy and, most likely, have a little fun while doing it.

But there's the rub: it's not always a Tenantoid "slam dunk," nor is it always fun. A mysterious little bugger is that bag of bile: perhaps more than any other organ it's able to elude or confound diagnosis despite such apparent simplicity.…

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