Ventral Hernia

If you haven't got a hernia yet, you ain't pulling your share - George Steinbrenner

Ventral Hernia

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Abdominal Hernias: What Are They, and How Are They Fixed?

There is a lot of confusion about the various abdominal type hernias that can occur...

Lets first start by discussing what a hernia is. There are medical definitions of a hernia but we can simply describe it in a way that makes sense for everyone in the real world. A hernia is a weakening in that part of the body. Think of it as a bubble in a car tire. That part of the tire is weaker and the air pressure inside can push out that area more than the rest. This “weakening” can result from the thickness of the tissue getting thinner or it can be from the tissue losing its strength. The second part can be thought of as a new versus an old rubber band. The old rubber band has the same…

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