Ulcerative Colitis

UC definitely doesn’t need to be some big scary disaster that never ends - Adam Scheuer

Ulcerative Colitis

image by: I Have UC - Ulcerative Colitis Support Group

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How I Came to Terms with my Ulcerative Colitis Diagnosis

Ulcerative colitis can be described many ways through a variety of symptoms, but only those who live with it every day know how detrimental it can truly be. At first, the pain was terrifying. Coupled with the large amounts of blood I would see in the toilet I knew something was very wrong. Yet I didn’t tell anyone. My father, who is a physician, watched in confusion as I began to rapidly lose weight. My friends would stare with fear as I would run to the bathroom countless times a day.

I hid what I was experiencing from everyone, too afraid to admit the severity of my suffering and how it was affecting my fast-paced life. Looking back on this now, why didn’t I tell anyone? Why was…

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