Ah, intussusception, the Mississippi (at least in terms of spelling) of medicine - Brad Sobolewski MD


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Intussusception: The Common Emergency You Don’t Know About

The symptoms started abruptly.

We were in the car, my mom and I and my two young children, on a trip in Texas, in the middle of nowhere. Sam, the baby, started having bouts of wrenching screams every hour on the hour. Nothing could soothe him. He nursed, then spat everything up. Then he’d calm down, get tired, only to start up again, in pain. What could it be? My mother and I were mystified. Was it a new tooth? Food poisoning?

This went on for hours. And hours. And hours. Vomiting yellow liquid, screaming. And eventually, blood in his stool. “Emergency room,” Mom and I agreed.

I don’t blame the tiny county medical center for the misdiagnosis. It can happen. It…

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